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200 Tips for Modern Interior Design

200 Tips for Modern Interior Design

ISBN 9781554077748
Publication Date
Publisher Firefly Books Ltd
How to create attractive rooms and spaces suited to any lifestyle. "200 Tips for Modern Interior Design" is a lushly illustrated resource that will inform and inspire home owners and designers. More than 800 full-color photographs of the world's most beautiful homes showcase modern interior design at its very best. Descriptive captions that highlight important features, such as furniture and individual decorative items, complement the photographs. Line drawings are used to emphasize unique design ideas, and floor plans help define the spaces and provide useful insights for readers. 200 Tips for Modern Interior Design covers every area of the home and demonstrates how a fresh perspective can yield exciting results. For example, entrances and corridors are often overlooked even though they are the most-used areas in any home. Materials traditionally used in kitchens can be powerful design options in other rooms as well. The book contains tips for the entire home: Entrances and corridors Living rooms Dining rooms Live-and-work areas Kitchens Bedrooms Bathrooms All-in-one areas, such as studio apartments Outside spaces There is also a directory that provides a comprehensive list of design retailers and services -- a significant benefit to any reader. The clean lines and bright, open feel of "200 Tips for Modern Interior Design" make it a pleasure to read. The pages of this massive book are filled with inspiration for the creative home owner and designer.

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