A Little Bird Told Me: Family Secrets, Necessary Lies

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A Little Bird Told Me: Family Secrets, Necessary Lies 9781865086934

ISBN : 9781865086934
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview A quiet suburban backyard. A small child sits on her grandmother's knee. A little bird arrives in the garden. What has he come to tell us? asks Nana. This is a true story about lots of little secrets and one big one. It's the spare and painful tale of the author's family and the hidden strands she found underweaving its history - a story embedded in the ancestry of many white Australians. What was it that Lynette's grandmother could not tell her? Why did she cover her face in pale make-up? Who was her own mother, Emily, the 'Polynesian princess'? And what happened when Emily 'was taken away from us for some time'? In A Little Bird Told Me, Lynette Russell finds out the answers to these questions, unearthing secrets kept by her family for generations. In doing this, she learns who she really is - and comes to know the importance of belonging. This poignantly written memoir takes us beyond the legacy of madness and the tenacity of identity, revealing the defences and denials we all sometimes need to survive.

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