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A Ride in the Sun

A Ride in the Sun

ISBN 9781944212759
Publication Date
Publisher World Ahead Press

Two 75mm rounds hit next to the track. Then something struck me in the side that burned. Because of the heat, I had decided not to wear my flack vest. I looked down at my left side and realized I was bleeding. “Well Colonel,” I thought. “You did it! You sat here until Charlie got me.”

In A Ride in the Sun, Larry Cole follows the everyday life of a United States Army National Guard officer during the Vietnam war. 

In his riveting true story, Cole shares:

Clear descriptions of the equipment, living conditions, combat action, and military lifestyle in the mid-1960s

Vivid accounts, thoughts, and feelings of a soldier in combat

Insights into how the American advisers and South Vietnamese soldiers lived

Discover a new the sacrifice of men who laid down their lives for their country.


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