Aboriginal Australians

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Aboriginal Australians 9781865087559

ISBN : 9781865087559
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 3 Rev ed
Overview Cathy Freeman stands at the podium, ready to light the Olympic cauldron, climaxing the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Games. Throughout the ceremony, Aboriginal talent is on display and in the night sky, a mystic creature from the rich world of Aboriginal art rises above the stadium. Tens of millions of TV viewers worldwide witnessed Aboriginality as an important part of Australia's identity. But what of the experience of the first Australians since the Europeans arrived? Was the impression created at that Opening Ceremony a genuine reflection of black Australia's place in society? In the creation of any new society, there are winners and losers. So it was with Australia as it grew through invasion, settlement and development from a colonial outpost to an affluent industrial society. This book tells the history of Australia from the standpoint of the original Australians - those who lost most in our country's early colonial struggle for power. Surveying two centuries of Aboriginal-European encounters, it reveals what white Australia lost through unremitting colonial invasion and tells the story of Aboriginal survival through resistance and accommodation. It t

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