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Accounting: Texts and Cases

Course Codes : BUSS5247

Accounting: Texts and Cases

ISBN 9780073379593
Edition 13
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw Hill Higher Education

Part One: Financial Accounting 1.The Nature and Purpose of Accounting 2.Basic Accounting Concepts: The Balance Sheet 3.Basic Accounting Concepts: The Income Statement 4.Accounting Records and Systems 5.Revenue and Monetary Assets 6.Cost of Sales and Inventories 7.Long-Lived Nonmonetary Assets and Their Amortization 8.Sources of Capital: Debt 9.Sources of Capital: Owners’ Equity 10.Other Items That Affect Net Income and Owners’ Equity 11.The Statement of Cash Flows 12.Acquisitions and Consolidated Statements 13.Financial Statement Analysis 14.Understanding Financial Statements

Part Two: Management Accounting 15.The Nature of Management Accounting 16.The Behavior of Costs 17.Full Costs and Their Uses 18.Additional Aspects of Product Costing Systems 19.Standard Costs, Variable Costing Systems, Quality Costs, and Joint Costs 20.Production Cost Variance Analyses 21.Other Variance Analysis 22.Control: The Management Control Environment 23.Control: The Management Control Process 24.Strategic Planning and Budgeting 25.Reporting and Evaluation 26.Short-Run Alternative Choice Decisions 27.Longer-Run Decisions: Capital Budgeting 28.Management Accounting System Design

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