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Action Research in Education

Action Research in Education

ISBN 9780130974259
Publisher Prentice-Hall
Core text for courses in Action Research; supplement for Educational Research courses. Informed by the author's years of field research, teaching, and consulting, this readable, accessible new volume will help novice researchers understand qualitative, action research. The author first defines action research and clarifies its nature, providing a clear description of the relationship between qualitative and quantitative research. He then offers step-by-step procedures for planning, implementing, and evaluating the kind of research projects that help people use their own understanding and expertise to work systematically through a data gathering process, and, ultimately, find a solution to the problem they are investigating. Up-to-date coverage based on the work of earlier researchers clearly delineates the place of action research in the current research methodology scene, and speaks directly to the needs of those involved on a daily basis with classrooms and schools.

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