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Administrative Power and the Law: A Succinct Guide to Administrative Law

Administrative Power and the Law: A Succinct Guide to Administrative Law

ISBN 9780977532605
Publication Date
Publisher Australian Law In Practice
Administrative Power and the Law provides readers with a refreshing take on administrative law. The work is a concise summary of administrative law principles and how they apply in practice. The author believes that administrative law is best understood when seen operating in the real world. This book presents administrative law questions and academic legal principles as they work in practice, bringing administrative law to life. In this way, the book aims to meet the perspective of the reader and guide them through the complexities of the subject. The work contains analyses of essential legal principles and classic quotes from leading cases. Important High Court decisions are presented within a page. The essentials of each case are presented in sharp focus. Examples, diagrams and analogies are used creatively to explain how administrative law works. Different learning styles are thus accommodated. Law students often find the subject of administrative law conceptually difficult, and quite different from other areas of legal study. Students will value the practical approach of the text and the book will aid in their understanding of administrative law. - Table of Contents: * Introduction * Power - Overview * Power - Acts * Power - Authority * Decisions, Reasons and Information Access * Review - General * Judicial Review - General * Judicial Review - Natural Justice * Judicial Review - Legal error * Judicial Review - Relevant/Irrelevant considerations * Judicial Review - Other grounds * Policy

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