Ageing and Money: Australia's Retirement Revolution

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Ageing and Money: Australia's Retirement Revolution

ISBN : 9781864480474
Publisher : Allen & Unwin
Author(s) :
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Overview Ageing and retirement are two of the biggest social issues confronting Australian society. How will we finance our ever-longer retirements? How can we ensure we won't become bag ladies or live in old men's hostels when we are old? Ageing And Money is the first detailed account of how the privatisation ethic overtook the old age pension. It shows how it happened and what it means for Australian men and women. Ageing And Money also clearly explains how Australia's superannuation system works and how ordinary people can demand accountability from the funds which hold their savings. Ageing And Money includes details of the changes to superannuation under the Liberal government. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand superannuation, and in particular for employers, unionists and people who work in the superannuation, investment and finance industries. Diana Olsberg is senior lecturer in Sociology at the University of New South Wales. For over six years she has been a trustee of one of the largest public sector superannuation funds, the Superannuation Scheme for Australian Universities, and during 1996 served as Execut

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