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Agriculture in Australia: an Introduction: An Introduction

Agriculture in Australia: an Introduction: An Introduction

ISBN 9780195536959
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
This product has been discontinued.
In 'Agribusiness Management', the focus is on integrating the technical, economic and human components of a farm business into whole-farm analysis, and applying a whole-farm approach to making decisions about profitable use of farm resources. 'Agribusiness Marketing' brings markets and marketing into the story. Part Three, 'Sustaining Agriculture', in two chapters, tells how sustaining agricultural resources and increasing agricultural productivity are compatable and complementary objectives. 'Sustaining Resources' explains how to prevent degradation of resources and maintain productivity. 'Improving Agriculture' describes how to sustain agriculture by improving productivity and profitability. Agriculture in Australia: An Introduction is well-organised and clearly written. Pedagogical aids will facilitate learning. Students will find it an indispensable text.

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