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Alias Press Combined Manual & Myob V18 Practice Set

Alias Press Combined Manual & Myob V18 Practice Set

ISBN 9781442539549
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education Australia
This comprehensive financial accounting practice set aims to help students develop critical thinking skills and apply a 'deep learning' approach to their first year accounting studies, and an appreciation of how a real-life business may operate. Alias Press is an independent publisher of niche titles owned by sole proprietor David Cornwall. David is implementing a computerised accounting system for the first time. The practice set guides students through the process of recording and preparing a range of accounting transactions in both manual and computerised contexts and incorporates both structured and semi-structured problems. Teaching and learning with a combined practice set offers many advantages. A major one is that students will gain a genuine understanding of the underlying processes involved in preparing a set of financial statements. In a purely computerised setting, these processes occur in the background and typically are unseen by the user of the software. Another key benefit using a combined practice set is that students are introduced to the use of accounting software while enhancing their understanding of the double-entry accounting system and allowing them to experience the role of computers in accounting. At the end of the practice set students are able to compare and evaluate the results produced manually with those produced by the MYOB package. This practice set comes with a student version MYOB Accounting Plus Version 18 CD ROM. Alias Press is ideal to package with Accounting and Financial Accounting by Horngren et al.

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