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An Eye for an I: Living Philosophy

An Eye for an I: Living Philosophy

ISBN 9780855723811
Publication Date
Publisher Hill of Content Publishing Co Pty Ltd
We cannot escape from philosophy because we philosophise when we reflect critically on how we are living. The eleven philosophies in this book embody ideas of considerable force and fascination, which can change lives by penetrating the illusions of appearance and the delusions of common sense by which life misleads us. Because philosophy is thinking about thinking, it is a subversive and liberating activity. It is subversive because philosophers are never satisfied with final answers. It is liberating because philosophers confront us with our prejudices. There is a huge shift towards philosophy. Professor Spillane believes we can greatly benefit from being challenged, confronted and changed by the teachings of luminaries such as Homer, Plato, Machiavelli, Nietzsche, Sartre and others and he shows us how these teachings are as completely relevant to today as they ever were. There are, also, huge benefits for those in business. In a busy life, we often don't have time to reflect all that much, we just do things, but when we are making decisions we are drawing on a certain background knowledge and a knowledge of philosophy can be of great help.

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