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An Introduction to Comparative Law

Course Codes : LAWS202

An Introduction to Comparative Law

ISBN 9780198268598
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher Clarendon Press
PART I Abbreviations Table of Cases A. GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS 1: The Concept of Comparative Law 2: The Functions and Aims of Comparative Law 3: The Method of Comparative Law 4: The History of Comparative Law B. THE LEGAL FAMILIES OF THE WORLD 5: The Style of Legal Families I. THE ROMANISTIC LEGAL FAMILY 6: The History of French Law 7: The Spirit and Essential Features of the Code Civil 8: The Reception of the Code Civil 9: Courts and Lawyers in France and Italy BII. THE GERMANIC LEGAL FAMILY 10: The History of German Law 11: The German Civil Code 12: The General Civil Code of Austria 13: The Swiss Civil Code III. THE ANGLO-AMERICAN LEGAL FAMILY 14: The Development of the English Common Law 15: Courts and Lawyers in England 16: The Spread of the Common Law Throughout the World 17: The Law of the United States of America 18: Law-Finding and Procedure in Common Law and Civil Law IV. THE NORDIC LEGAL FAMILY 19: Scandinavian Law, Past and Present V. LAW IN THE FAR EAST 20: Chinese Law 21: Japanese Law VI. RELIGIOUS LEGAL SYSTEMS 22: Islamic Law 23: Hindu Law PART II A. CONTRACT I. THE FORMATION OF CONTRACTS 24: Juristic Act, Contract, and General Conditions of Business 25: Contractual Capacity 26: Offer and Acceptance 27: Illegality and Immorality 28: Indicia of Seriousness 29: The Construction of Contracts 30: Mistake, Deceit, and Duress 31: Representation 32: Assignment 33: Contracts for the Benefit of Third Parties II. THE PERFORMANCE OF CONTRACTS 34: Claims to Performance and Their Enforcement 35: Breach of Contract 36: The Effect of Supervening Events B. UNJUSTIFIED ENRICHMENT 37: Unjustified Enrichment in General 38: Unjustified Enrichment Specific Topics C. TORT 39: Tort in General 40: Liability for others 41: Strict Liability 42: Invasions of the Right of Personality

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