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An Introduction to Japanese Society

An Introduction to Japanese Society

ISBN 9780521529259
Edition 2 Revised edition
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
In a second edition of his book which has become essential reading for students of Japanese society, Yoshio Sugimoto uses both English and Japanese sources to update and expand upon his original narrative. In so doing he challenges the traditional notion that Japan comprises a uniform culture, and draws attention to its subcultural diversity and class competition. The author also examines what he calls 'friendly authoritarianism' - the force behind the Japanese tendency to be ostensibly faithful to particular groups and companies. The book offers a wide-ranging approach to all aspects of Japanese society, with chapters on class, geographical and generational variation, work, education, gender, minorities, popular culture and the establishment. As a reviewer of the first edition noted, 'Accolades to Yoshio Sugimoto for his latest contribution to contemporary literature on Japan, An Introduction to Japanese Society, which is wide-ranging, thought-provoking and comprehensive.' Asian Studies Review

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