Anaesthetic Data Interpretation: Understanding Key Concepts for the FRCA

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Anaesthetic Data Interpretation: Understanding Key Concepts for the FRCA 9781841100081

ISBN : 9781841100081
Publisher : Greenwich Medical Media Ltd
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview There are numerous textbooks to choose from when preparing for the FRCA examination; the candidate suffers not from lack of information but rather from being inundated with it. He or she then has the task of information sorting and data compression, in order to memorise and utilise all this information. Graphical representation of data is an excellent form of data compression; graphs or drawings are frequently asked about topics, in the viva examination particularly. This book differs from most textbooks in that the text accompanies the pictures, rather than pictures complementing the text. In many cases, the text is simply a detailed 'caption' describing the graph or diagram, expanded on by some background information. For this reason, the graphs themselves are kept clear and easy to interpret, being labelled only with the names of the axes and their units, plus identification of any other key lines and symbols referred to in the text. The layout - each page of text opposite the relevant graph or graphs - conveys the essential link between picture and text, and makes orientation and understanding easier. The book follows the latest FRCA syllabus and attempts to show the relevance of basic science to clinical anaesthesia by using practical examples throughout. Though it is intended primarily for the FRCA candidate, it would also make an excellent 'aide-memoire' for clinical tutors and all practising anaesthetists who undertake teaching.


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