Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilization

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Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilization 9780415063463

ISBN : 9780415063463
Publisher : Routledge
Author(s) :
Edition : New ed
Overview Despite technology and an immensely greater understanding of himself and his world, modern man still lives in societies which are recognizably descended from the patterns of Bronze Age states. Egypt is a particularly well-documented example. Writing from an archaeological perspective, Barry Kemp presents a comprehensive reassessment of Egyptian society, based on new excavation evidence and reinterpretation of existing material. He explores the great shaping forces of ancient Egyptian civilization: political myth and ideology, the bureaucratic utopia of universal provision of work and food, the presentational devices of charismatic rule: and, as well, the tempering effects on people of political and economic experience. Barry Kemp shows us ancient Egypt as a window on mankind, and transforms our understanding of this remarkable civilization.

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