Animal Law in Australia and New Zealand

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Animal Law in Australia and New Zealand 9780455226187

ISBN : 9780455226187
Publisher : Law Book Co of Australasia
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 3rd
Overview Laws governing the treatment of animals have been in place in the legal systems of Australia and New Zealand for many years, and some aspects of animal welfare laws in these two systems are considered progressive at an international level. However, the study of animal law as an academic discipline and as part of legal education is a recent development in Australasia. This book aims to contribute to establishing and furthering animal law as an independent branch of legal studies in these countries. Part I focuses on the philosophical, scientific and historical aspects of animals in relation to law, providing the background against which animal law can be examined as a discipline and a branch of law. It considers the legal status of animals and discusses various ways for the improvement and strengthening of animal protection within the existing legal framework. Part II focuses on animal law in practice in Australia and New Zealand, covering legal frameworks for animal welfare law and an overview of the key provisions of the relevant laws. Later chapters detail the regulation of the treatment of companion animals, farm animals, wild animals and animals used in research.

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