Antitrust Abuse in the New Economy: The Microsoft Case

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Antitrust Abuse in the New Economy: The Microsoft Case 9781840649284

ISBN : 9781840649284
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Author(s) :
Overview In this examination of the Microsoft antitrust case, Gordon critically examines the economics of the US government's arguements. The conclusion is that the government presented a sketchy, incoherent, invalid economic case and relied upon creating the impression of misdeeds to persuade the courts. The primary charge is that Microsoft possessed an impregnable monopoly in operating systems for personal computers. According to the government, Microsoft created, including in its operating system, and vigorously promoted its Internet browser solely to prevent the development of the Java/Netscape alternative. the promotion of the browser was considered predatory. Microsoft allegedly undertook similar acts against other companies. According to Gordon, the government failed to present even a clear statement of its charges and failed to substantiate the critical allegations. In this book he concentrates on the underlying economics of the case and reviews the germane theory. He presents and evaluates implicit government arguements as well as Microsoft's refutations.


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