Anything Goes: An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese

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Anything Goes: An Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese

ISBN : 9780691127668
Publisher : Princeton University Press
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview With "Anything Goes", students with three years or more of modern Chinese language instruction, including those returning from study abroad in China, finally have an advanced, up-to-date reader to reinforce their language skills in one semester - while also expanding their understanding of contemporary China. Whether alone or as a sequel to "All Things Considered: Advanced Reader of Modern Chinese", this state-of-the-art textbook is an ideal resource.The thirty lessons focus on articles that have appeared since 2002 in newspapers and magazines in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere. They deal with a colorful array of topics related to the economic, cultural, social, and political changes in China since the country's opening up in the early 1980s - from the "dangers" of the Internet, to marriage issues, to urban development's effects on traditional culture. The lessons are concise, allowing a variety of topics to be covered in a semester. Each lesson is supplemented with extensive vocabulary lists, English-language glossaries, sentence-pattern examples, exercises, and discussion topics. Simplified and traditional characters are juxtaposed. Field-tested both at Princeton University and in the Princeton in Beijing program, "Anything Goes" has already been warmly received by both students and teachers. It is now poised to be the definitive advanced reader of modern Chinese.

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