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Approaching Disability

Approaching Disability

ISBN 9781317657514
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Taylor and Francis

Disability Studies is an area of study which examines social, political, cultural, and economic factors that define 'disability' and establish personal and collective responses to difference. This insightful new text will introduce readers to the discipline of Disability Studies and enable them to engage in the lively debates within the field. By offering an accessible yet rigorous approach to Disability Studies, the authors provide a critical analysis of key current issues and consider ways in which the subject can be studied through national and international perspectives, policies, culture and history.

Key debates include:

The relationship between activism and the academy

Ways to study cultural and media representations of disability

The importance of disability history and how societies can change

National and international perspectives on children, childhood and education

Political perspectives on disability and identity

The place of the body in disability theory

This text offers real-world examples of topics that are important to debates and offers a much needed truly international scope on the questions at hand. It is an essential read for any individual studying, practising or with an interest in Disability Studies.


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