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Assessment Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals

Assessment Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals

ISBN 9780132850636
Edition 8
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson

For courses in Psychological Testing and Assessment in Counseling


A classic textbook for aspiring counselors, now updated and expanded to improve its usefulness and relevance for practicing counselors.


Since its first publication in 1988, Assessment Procedures for Counselors and Helping Professionals has become a classic among assessment textbooks designed specifically for aspiring counselors. Now in its Eighth Edition the text includes extensive changes to content and updating throughout, while maintaining its popular, easy-to-read format and continuing emphasis on assessment information that is most useful and relevant for school counselors, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, and other helping professionals. Throughout the text, readers get invaluable information and examples about widely used assessment instruments in order to become familiar with these well-known tests. The new edition includes the 2014 Standards of Educational and Psychological Testing as well as the DSM 5.


From Reviews of the Book:


“This text gives a good overview of the issues involved for test development and the types of settings in which tests are used.  While it's geared toward counselors, I have felt that there is good applicability for graduate students in Ed Psych and in Higher Ed Admin . . . . I also REALLY liked the supplemental instructional materials that come with the text. I found the PowerPoint presentations a useful way to think about preparing for my lectures . . . . These materials helped provide a concrete path to give the students the context they desired. I also liked the case studies that are provided. The examples were very useful and I integrated them frequently into my class.”

 –Diane Kelly-Riley, Washington State University


“[This] book is impressive. Clearly written and well-articulated, the authors thoroughly cover the breadth and depth of mental health assessment. They begin each chapter by informing the readers what they should learn, which is a powerful yet subtle way to set the stage for students. Major themes are covered and many sections are concluded with cogent case examples that nicely illuminate the nuances of mental health assessment. The aggregate of this well written book provides a wealth of useful information to the beginning student, clinical educator, or seasoned counselor . . . . This book more than stands up to other texts. Something that particularly stands out . . . vis-a-vis other books is the mental status exam and suicide assessment sections . . . . I like the writing style. It is not too esoteric, not too simplistic. I believe it's the perfect writing style for master's level students.”

 –Anthony Tasso, Farleigh Dickerson University


“Key strengths clearly include the iterative process that has allowed this manuscript to become one of the foremost educational assets of facilitating assessment in counseling . . . . [The] exercises help elevate this manuscript into a league of its own. [The authors have] a keen ability . . . to outline very dense and complex material in a very readable, teachable, and meaningful way.”

–Donald Deering, Oakland University and University of Phoenix


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