Athletic Taping and Bracing

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Athletic Taping and Bracing 9780736062800

ISBN : 9780736062800
Publisher : Human Kinetics
Author(s) :
Edition : 2
Overview Completely overhauled and updated, Athletic Taping and Bracing, Second Edition, is a leading text in its field. Like the popular first edition, it continues to integrate the science of anatomy and injury mechanisms with the practice of athletic taping and bracing. The new edition is updated to reflect changes in the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Education Council's "Competencies in Athletic Training" and the fourth edition of the NATA Board of Certification's "Role Delineation Study." Both students and professionals will use this text time and again as a reliable reference.Athletic Taping and Bracing, Second Edition, has been significantly improved with the addition of more than 450 full-color illustrations and photos. These include 60 superb three-dimensional anatomical images from Primal Pictures. The photos that illustrate taping sequences feature tape with darkened edges that enable readers to distinguish the layers and patterns of the tape applied in each step. With its concise anatomical descriptions and detailed anatomical illustrations similar to those normally found in advanced texts on anatomy, the book clearly highlights the mechanisms of injury that are crucial for understanding effective taping and bracing. The text thoroughly discusses and illustrates the general principles of taping and bracing for each major joint and body region. It also contains step-by-step instructions for 36 taping and wrapping procedures, some of which are broken down into as many as 16 steps. It illustrates procedures for fabricating protective pads and orthotics, and it details the dos and don'ts of taping and bracing. To emphasize rehabilitation as well as prevention, Athletic Taping and Bracing, Second Edition, also presents basic stretching and strengthening exercises for injury rehabilitation. These exercises, presented and illustrated for each body part, focus on flexibility, strength, and proprioception. Combined with the taping and bracing procedures, the exercises will help rehabilitated athletes maintain strength and flexibility and safely return to play. Through Athletic Taping and Bracing, Second Edition, readers will learn the foundations and techniques of taping and bracing. Taping and bracing are presented as adjuncts to, rather than panaceas for, the athlete's total rehabilitation. The emphasis on rehabilitation as well as prevention will help readers become more effective health care providers for athletes and other active people with musculoskeletal injuries and problems.To complement the text, the companion Sport Taping Basics DVD is also available. The DVD brings the book to life by visually demonstrating 22 specific procedures. Each procedure is shown in its entirety without disruption. The taping procedure is then shown again to highlight the key steps of the procedure, and includes close-ups and correct positioning of the athletic trainer and athlete, making the demonstrations easy to follow. Perrin also demonstrates how to properly cut, tear, and remove tape. Based on the previous Sport Taping Basics video set, the expanded content and convenient DVD format makes it fast and simple for you to find and select the specific taping procedure you want to review.Athletic Taping and Bracing, Second Edition, and the Sport Taping Basics DVD captures the art and science of taping and bracing through detailed explanations, spectacular images, and clear demonstrations. Working individually or in tandem with one another, the book and DVD stay in step with current NATA competencies and practices, and offer top-quality instruction. With all this, Athletic Taping and Bracing, Second Edition, and Sport Taping Basics DVD are the premier instructional taping resources in the athletic training field.HK DVDs are coded for universal playback and can be played in all regions of the world.

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