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ATM Networks: Concepts, Protocols, Applications

ATM Networks: Concepts, Protocols, Applications

ISBN 9780201178173
Edition 3 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Addison Wesley
((Shelving Category)) Networking/ ATM ATM Networks Concepts, Protocols, Applications Third Edition Rainer H?ndel Manfred N. Huber Stefan Schr?der If you are struggling to find your way through the ATM jungle, this book will help you find your way without getting lost in specialized technical detail. This third edition of ATM Networks reflects the accelerated development of recent ATM specifications and provides a comprehensive overview of all the current trends. This book gives a thorough introduction to the whole technical concept of ATM, from architecture and functions to networking techniques and performance issues, as laid down in various specifications from the ATM Forum and the ITU. It explains the rationale for introducing ATM networking into your organization, and illustrates its potential in terms of the applications and services that ATM networks can offer. This third edition has been completely revised and expanded to cover: ? recently defined ATM interfaces such as UTOPIA, WIRE, FUNI, IMA and the protocols P-NNI, B-ICI and AINI ? LAN emulation and Multi-Protocol Over ATM (MPOA) ? Internet support by ATM networks ? voice and telephony over ATM ? wireless ATM and mobile ATM ? security in ATM networks Whether you are a professional engineer involved in the planning, development or implementation of telecommunication networks or a student of electrical engineering or computer science, this revised and thoroughly updated edition of ATM Networks will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all the latest ATM technology. About the authors: Rainer H?ndel, Manfred N. Huber and Stefan Schr?der are all with the Public Communication Networks Group of Siemens in Munich, Germany, where their responsibilities include ATM network and product planning, optical networking, and the technical planning and standardization of ATM-based networks. They have all written numerous papers on ATM technology. Find Addison Wesley Longman on the World Wide Web at: http://www.awl-he.com http://www.awl.com/cs-eng ((AW logo)) Addison-Wesley ((barcode box))

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