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Australian CGT Handbook 2015-16 Book + eBook Value Pack

ISBN 41871749
Edition 2015-2016
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Now in its 7th edition, the Australian CGT Handbook 2015-16 continues to be a well-respected topic-based book that helps you understand and keep on top of the ever-changing and complex CGT regime.
Authored by Gordon Cooper Chris Evans and Kirk Wilson, the Australian CGT Handbook 2015-16 offers a comprehensive coverage of the CGT provisions, together with realistic examples, crucial practical tips and warnings.
Practitioners will benefit from the publication’s accessible style when advising clients on the most common CGT problems and helping them make sense of the provisions in a practical and relevant manner. Current to October 2015, the Australian CGT Handbook 2015-16 is the definitive guide to the CGT provisions as they operate in Australia.

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