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Australian Constitutional Law

Course Codes : LAWS1116, LAWS7105

Australian Constitutional Law

ISBN 9780190022990
Edition 3rd
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Publication Date
This pack contains Australian Constitutional Law Third Edition and Australian Constitutional Law: Commentary and Cases.Australian Constitutional Law: Foundations and Theory explains and evaluates the Australian constitutional system in relation to the classical principles of constitutional government such as the rule of law, separation of powers, representation, executive responsibility, federalism and fundamental rights. In this third edition, Suri Ratnapala is joined by Jonathan Crowe as co-author, and the book has been fully revised and expanded. This includes wider coverage of: Australian Constitutionalism; Interpretation of the Constitution; Federal-State Relations; International Powers of the Commonwealth; Trade, Commerce and Industrial Relations; Constitutional Freedoms; and the Separation of Powers. Australian Constitutional Law: Commentary and Cases provides a concise and logical breakdown of well chosen and carefully edited extracts from key constitutional cases and statutes. This facilitates a clear understanding of Australian constitutional law. Strong author commentary The commentary binds the primary and secondary material together and helps students to navigate the book and tackle the complex issues, rules, principles, core concepts and theory of the Australian constitutional system. Coherent structure The authors have meticulously planned the organisation of this book. It provides a clear structure and excellent coverage of the material students need to know. For more information on each of these titles, including the table of contents please see their individual pages: Australian Constitutional Law Australian Constitutional Law: Commentary and Cases

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