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Australian Human Rights Law

Australian Human Rights Law

ISBN 9781921701894
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Publisher CCH Australia Limited
This product has been discontinued.
Australian Human Rights Law was previously published by CCH Australia. Australian Human Rights Law is a fascinating analysis of the origin of human rights, the law and its practice. Containing a wealth of thought-provoking ideas, the authors explore how existing human rights may be developed for a fairer and more effective implementation.Providing plain English explanations and case examples, this book examines and critically evaluates the manner in which Australian law protects human rights. The operation of the rights Charters in Victoria and the ACT are discussed in-depth, as well as a number of what are commonly regarded as discrete areas of law, including the criminal law, torts, constitutional law, family law and property law. Complex and often controversial issues such as abortion, euthanasia and the balance between civil liberties and community safety are also discussed.Expertly written by respected lawyers and human rights commentators, Professor Mirko Bagaric, Peter Faris QC and Theo Alexander, this book is essential reading for academics and students alike.
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