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Australian Income Tax Legislation 2015

Australian Income Tax Legislation 2015

ISBN 9781925215335
Edition 2015
Publisher CCH Australia Limited
Publication Date
This leading 3-volume set ensures tax practitioners, corporations and organisations, and students stay up to date with the vast number of tax changes by providing a comprehensive consolidation of Australian income tax and related legislation. Updated and consolidated for all amendments to 1 January 2015, it contains all relevant income tax and related legislation including: Income Tax Assessment Act 1997; transitional provisions; 1997 Regulations; Income Tax Assessment Act 1936; 1936 Regulations; Taxation Administration Act; Rating Acts; Fringe Benefits Tax; Administrative Appeals; International Agreements Act. It also includes a legislation annotator, index and conversion tables between 1997 and 1936 tax assessment Acts, as well as detailed history notes for all substantive amendments in the last six years.
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