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Australian Media Law

Course Codes : 200661, LAW484

Australian Media Law

ISBN 9780455228464
Edition 4 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Australian Media Law details and explains the complex case law, legislation and regulations governing media practice in areas as diverse as journalism, advertising, multimedia and broadcasting. It examines the issues affecting traditional forms of media such as television, radio, film and newspapers as well as for recent forms such as the internet, online forums and digital technology, in a clear and accessible format. New additions to the fourth edition include: developments in privacy law, including the expanding privacy jurisprudence in the United Kingdom and New Zealand and Law Reform recommendations for a statutory cause of action to protect personal privacy in Australia; developments in copyright law, including discussion of the High Court decision in IceTV Pty Ltd v Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd concerning the level of originality required for copyright to subsist and what amounts to a 'substantial part' for purposes of copyright infringement; the replacement of the inconsistent regime of the Commonwealth Trade Practices Act and State and Territory Fair Trading Acts by a uniform Australian Consumer Law; changes in the classification scheme, including regulation of online content, the proposed internet filter, and the introduction of an R 18+ adult content classification for computer games.

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