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Aust Tax Analysis 9th Ed.

Course Codes : LAW556, LAW553

Aust Tax Analysis 9th Ed.

ISBN 9780864607836
Edition 9 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Now in its ninth edition, Australian Tax Analysis: Cases, Commentary, Commercial Applications and Questions has a proven track record as a high-level work for students of taxation law written by a team of authors with many years experience. Taking into account the fact that the volume of material needed to be processed by today’s taxation student can be overwhelming, the well-chosen extracts and thought-provoking commentary in Australian Tax Analysis, 9th edition, provide readers with the depth of knowledge, and reasoning and analytical skills which will be required of them as practitioners. In addition to the carefully selected case extracts and the helpful commentary, each chapter is supplemented by engaging practice questions involving problem solving, commercial decision-making, legal analysis and quantitative application. All these elements combined make Australian Tax Analysis an invaluable aid to the understanding of a subject which can be both technical and complex. Table of Contents 1 Overview of the Australian Tax System 2 Residence and Source 3 Nature of Income; Income from Labour 4 Fringe Benefits Tax 5 Income from Business 6 Income from Property 7 Compensation Principle and Periodic Receipts 8 Capital Gains Tax and Alienation 9 Allowable Deductions - General Principles/Provisions 10 Allowable Deductions - Specific Provisions 11 Capital Allowances 12 Offsets 13 Tax Accounting 14 Trading Stock 15 Taxation of Partnerships 16 Taxation of Trusts 17 Taxation of Companies and Shareholders 18 International Taxation 19 Avoidance of Tax 20 Tax Administration 21 Goods and Services Tax 22 Superannuation and Employer Responsibilities

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