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Aviation Law in Australia 4e

Aviation Law in Australia 4e

ISBN 9780455230726
Edition 4 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis a unique combination of economic, political, social and environmental events has plunged the aviation industry headlong into one of its most tumultuous periods in recent history. Consistent with the fundamental nature of the aviation industry, each of these challenges has a corresponding, and equally unique, legal component. Aviation, as a global industry, has an international context across all technical and operational disciplines. Accordingly, the aviation industry is more affected and influenced by recent international events than any other sector of the economy. During this time the pace at which aviation law has developed has been commensurate with the rate of increase in regulatory and legislative control imposed upon aviation activities throughout the world. The constant challenge for any aviation legal publication is to make certain that the international context is explained while at the same time ensuring the reader is fully informed of the significance and application of these changes within the local aviation environment. Each area of the law is clearly explained in accessible language and supported with practical case studies to illustrate the application of the law within an operational aviation context. In Australia, the dynamics and volatility of the domestic aviation sector acquire its own unique challenges. The fourth edition of Aviation Law in Australia has been thoroughly revised and updates the final phase of the implementation of a ‘new’ regulatory regime that has been two decades in the making. Contemporary issues including the carbon tax, the Qantas grounding, and increased competition domestically between Virgin Australia, Tiger Airways and Jetstar are all covered. This edition also has two new chapters – one on military aviation law and the other covering space law. Both these topics are becoming an increasingly important aspect of aviation law.  

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