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Basic Building and Construction Skills: Carpentry & Other General Construction (Revised) + Etext

Basic Building and Construction Skills: Carpentry & Other General Construction (Revised) + Etext

ISBN 9781486097487
Edition 4 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education Australia
This product consists of 1 copy of Basic Plumbing Services Skills: Carpentry & Other General Construction (Revised) and 1 printed access card that contains your unique access code and instructions to this eText. This edition of Basic Building and Construction Skills Revised edition provides learners with the fundamental skills and basic knowledge for the building and construction industry. It has been fully updated to reflect present-day building practices. So that your students have access to the latest WHS standards this edition contains an updated version of Chapter One - Workplace health and safety. Pearson eTexts - more than just a great book online With a Pearson eText teachers benefit from the underpinning content they know Pearson provides combined with the great functionality of an eText. This means that users can: * search for key words and phrases * highlight important points * bookmark key pages Students can add their own notes and check their understanding by completing additional interactive activities. Instructors can share notes with students, access time saving teachers' resources or re-order and hide content. Tap. Flick. Swipe. You can experience Pearson eTexts on the go by using this eText on iPad and Android devices. Pearson eText is a product that is only accessible online. Time Limit The eText has a time limit. The length of access is 48 months from activation.

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