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Basic Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences

Basic Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences

ISBN 9780395962510
Edition 3 Revised edition
Publisher Houghton Mifflin (Academic)
Firmly rooting statistics in a research context, "Basic Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences introduces each procedure in a conceptual, intuitive manner by questioning its practical importance and using examples to illustrate its role in the research process. The result is an engaging approach that fully explains statistics, without skipping relevant topics or simply presenting formulas.Advanced ANOVA techniques have been added to Chapter 14 and their calculations are included in Appendix A. Now two-way within-subjects ANOVA and two-way mixed-design ANOVA are covered.End-of-chapter practice problems have been expanded. A series of 15-25 questions now follow each chapter, with the answers to odd questions given in the appendix and even questions in the IRM."Getting Started chapter-opening learning goals provide the following features to help students understand each chapter better: "Recall the Following and "Your Goals in the Chapter Are to Learn.

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