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Basic VLSI Design

Basic VLSI Design

ISBN 9780130791535
Publisher Prentice-Hall (Australia)
This thoroughly revised and updated text sets out to bring the forefront of VLSI research within the grasp of the novice digital system designer. This new edition has been broadened to cover BICMOS in addition to nMOS, CMOS and GaAs technologies. The content and structure of the book are such that courses based on previous editions should not be disadvantaged in any way. Considerable improvement and expansion to the treatment of sealing adders and multipliers, and additional project work feature in this third edition. Innovative and successful design methodology based on "Ring Diagrams" is presented for GaAs, and there is expanded and improved coverage of scaling, arithmetic circuits and testability. All chapters now have specified objectives and most include tutorial work. The book introduces a simple approach in extending the CMOS layout style to cover the more complex BICMOS technology.

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