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Bear is Now Asleep

Bear is Now Asleep

ISBN 9781741665031
Publication Date
Publisher Vintage (Australia)
'If only I hadn't gone to work that day. If only I had gone to the soccer gala day instead. If only Caroline and India had walked a foot to the left or to the right. If only they had passed those goalposts a second or two sooner, a second or two later. If only India had been walking on Caroline's right, not left. If only.' One June day in 2003 William Verity's beloved three-year-old daughter, India, was killed when she was hit by a falling portable goalpost. She was singing and dancing to her favourite Wiggles song, Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, minutes before the accident. Far more than a simple diary of events, this moving account of a family in crisis explores many of the bedrock issues of life that challenge and confront us all. From the remarkable opening words about the random nature of death to the final embrace of an enduring love, this is a gently uplifting and inspiring narrative, in which William wrestles with the idea that life may end in death, but love endures for ever.

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