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Becoming An Author: Advice For Academics

Becoming An Author: Advice For Academics

ISBN 9780335202751
Publication Date
Publisher Open University Press
"Canter and Fairbairn offer helpful advice on getting started in academic writing, together with offering some useful tips and pointers for those more established. As such this is a handy text to have on the shelf as a reminder, and as a support for students and new colleagues entering the world of academic publication." Studies in Higher Education Would you like to write for publication, but can't find the time or motivation to do so? Do you already publish academically or professionally, and want to extend your portfolio of publications? Would you like help in guiding your students as they set out on a career as published authors? Becoming an Author provides an accessible and engaging toolkit for authors, students, academics and other professionals who want to build their careers, their confidence and their personal satisfaction through publication. It demystifies the move from being an effective student or active professional, to being a published author. The authors draw aside the veils of confusion that surround the practicalities of publishing in academic journals or entering the book market place. This book takes the reader through the publishing process from planning and writing, through to contractual and ethical matters, discussing key issues such as: The importance of structure and style Where and how to publish your work Dealing with publishers The future of academic publishingthe authors' experience of publishing, editing and reviewing in a range of academic areas has allowed them to fill the book with real-life experiences about encountering and overcoming problems associated with becoming an author. It has also allowed them to address the psychological and emotional barriers that confront authors, and to offer practical help in getting past them.

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