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Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional

Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 E-Commerce: From Novice to Professional

ISBN 9781590592540
Edition Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed.
Publisher Apress
Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 E-Commerce shows programmers how to build E-Commerce websites using ASP.NET technology. In this book, web developers learn from the experts by building a website with the experts. It is a real-world, practical tutorial.This book follows the E-Commerce site creation process through from design to deployment, demonstrating proven approaches to building E-Commerce sites. The power of this book is this complete approach from the beginning right to the end of the project: it provides a complete programming solution for E-Commerce. The E-Commerce site in the book is built in phases, showing web site developers how to make use of third-party shopping-cart and payment facilities, suitable for a small E-Commerce operation. The book then gradually brings more and more functionality into the E-Commerce site, developing eventually into a complete online shopping and order processing system.Solid architectural principles are demonstrated throughout, with modular, n-tier design.This book shows real code that works in the real world, and teaches by example as it builds this E-Commerce site. This new revised edition includes updates to use Visual Studio .NET 2003, .NET 1.1 , and some new material on supporting 'customers who bought this also bought'-style cross-sell and up-sell.ASP.NET is a great web development technology for putting small-to-medium businesses onto the web. Its object-oriented architecture and solid database layer (ADO.NET) make it more robust and suited to E-Commerce than simple scripting and tag-based solutions like PHP and ColdFusion, but its ease of use and tools support make it much faster to develop with than Java. Using ASP.NET you can easily build scalable, well-structured, extensible websites that you can support a business on.This text is aimed at demonstrating the easiest path to put a business on the web using ASP.NET. The phased-approach gets the reader up and running with a working but simple E-Commerce store quickly, but also allows the site design to be flexible and grow over time to a more advanced E-Commerce solution. Different readers can stop along this journey at whatever point they need, if the website that is built suits their needs at that point.

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