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Big Five Assessment

Big Five Assessment

ISBN 9780889372429
Edition Revised ed.
Publisher Hogrefe & Huber
A comprehensive overview of the wide range of psychometric tests and inventories available for assessing personality, as described by the Big Five model and related concepts. It includes chapters on all major instruments, such as the: FFPI; BFQ; NEO-PI-R; HPI; BFI/BPP; HIPIC; ZKPQ; IPIP; FFPQ; TPQue; IAS-R-B5; IBFM/SACBIF; PPRF; SIFFM; TINSIT; 6FPQ; ACL; 16PF; and PSY-5. Each chapter is written by the test authors themselves, or by other experts. There is guidance on the distinctive features, use, analysis, interpretation and limitations of Big Five and related instruments.

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