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Big History: Between Nothing and Everything

ISBN 9780073385617
Edition 1
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Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional


Preface Introduction: What Is Big History and How Do We Study It? Seeing the Big Picture Seeing the Whole of the Past What Is Big History? The Basic Shape of the Story: Increasing Complexity A Framework: Eight Major Thresholds of Big History A Note on Chronological Systems and Dates Summary Chapter 1 The First Three Thresholds: The Universe, Stars, and New Chemical Elements Seeing the Big Picture Threshold 1: Big Bang Cosmology and the Origin of the Universe Threshold 2: The Origin of Galaxies and Stars Threshold 3: The Creation of New Chemical Elements Summary Chapter 2 The Fourth Threshold: The Emergence of the Sun, the Solar System, and the Earth Threshold 4: The Emergence of the Sun and Solar System The Early Earth—a Short History Shaping of Earth’s Surface Summary Chapter 3 The Fifth Threshold: The Emergence of Life Seeing the Big Picture How Life Changes through Natural Selection Threshold 5: The Emergence of Life on Earth A Brief History of Life on Earth Summary Chapter 4 The Sixth Threshold: Hominines, Humans, and the Paleolithic Era Seeing the Big Picture Hominine Evolution: 8 Million to 200,000 Years Ago Threshold 6: The Appearance of Homo sapiens The Paleolithic Era: 200,000 to 10,000 Years Ago Summary Chapter 5 The Seventh Threshold: Origins of Agriculture and the Early Agrarian Era Seeing the Big Picture Threshold 7: Agriculture Explaining the Agricultural Revolution The Early Agrarian Era The Emergence of Consensual Power Summary Chapter 6 Mini-Threshold: The Appearance of Cities, States, and Agrarian Civilizations Seeing the Big Picture Defining Cities, States, and Agrarian Civilizations The Buildup of Resources and Collective Learning Uruk, the First City, in Sumer, the First State Cities and States in Other Regions Summary Chapter 7 Afro-Eurasia during the Era of Agrarian Civilizations: Part 1 Seeing the Big Picture Introduction to the Agrarian Later Era The Era of Agrarian Civilizations First Trend: The Expansion, Power, and Effectiveness of Agrarian Civilizations and Their Administrations Summary Chapter 8 Afro-Eurasia during the Era of Agrarian Civilizations: Part 2 Seeing the Big Picture Second Trend: The Establishment of Significant Networks of Exchange among Agrarian Civilizations of Afro-Eurasia Third Trend: Evolving Social and Gender Complexity Fourth Trend: The Generally Slow Pace of Change and Growth Summary Chapter 9 Other World Zones during the Era of Agrarian Civilizations Seeing the Big Picture Agrarian Civilizations of the American Zone The Pacific and Australasian World Zones Chapter 10 On the Brink of a Threshold: Toward the Modern Revolution Seeing the Big Picture The Approach of the Modern Revolution Why Rates of Innovation Increased: Drivers of Innovation The World in 1000 CE The Postclassical Malthusian Cycle: Before 1350 CE The Early Modern Malthusian Cycle: 1350 to 1700 CE The World in 1700 CE Summary Chapter 11 Crossing the Eighth Threshold: Breakthrough to Modernity Seeing the Big Picture Threshold 8: The Modern World/Anthropocene Social, Agricultural, and Industrial Revolution in Great Britain The Spread of the Industrial Revolution Political Revolution: The Rise of the Modern State The Emergence of Two Worlds—Developed and Developing Other Consequences of the Industrial Revolution Summary Chapter 12 The Anthropocene: Globalization, Growth, and Sustainability Seeing the Big Picture Introduction Part 1: Political and Military Changes Part 2: Growth—More Humans Consuming More Part 3: The Impact of Growth and Industrialization on Lifeways and Societies Part 4: The Anthropocene and the Human Impact on the Biosphere—Is Growth Sustainable? Summary Chapter 13 The History of the Future Seeing the Big Picture Future 1: The Near Future Future 2: The Next Few Thousand Years Future 3: The Remote Future Conclusion—The End of the Story: Humans in the Cosmos Summary




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