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Biological Investigations Lab Manual

Biological Investigations Lab Manual

ISBN 9780073532264
Edition 10
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill Australia
This product has been discontinued.
BIOLOGICAL INVESTIGATIONS: Form, Function, Diversity and Process

Table of Contents Lab Topic 1 Science: A Way of Knowing Lab Topic 2 Using Microscopes and Observing Cells Lab Topic 3 Using Quantitative Technologies Lab Topic 4 Membranes, Diffusion, and Osmosis Lab Topic 5 Visualizing Biological Molecules Lab Topic 6 Determining the Properties of an Enzyme Lab Topic 7Measuring Cellular Respiration Lab Topic 8 Investigating Photosynthesis Lab Topic 9 Mitosis and Chromosome Number Lab Topic 10 Modeling Meiosis and Determining Cross-Over Frequency Lab Topic 11 Analyzing Fruit Fly Phenotypes and Genotypes

Interchapter: An Outline of Sterile Technique Lab Topic 12 Isolating DNA and Transformation with Plasmids Lab Topic 13 Modeling Processes in Evolution

Interchapter: Dealing with Diversity Lab Topic 14 Investigating Bacterial Diversity Lab Topic 15 Protists: The First Eukaryotes Lab Topic 16 Ancestral and Derived Characteristics of Seedless Plants Lab Topic 17 Derived Characteristics of Seed Plants Lab Topic 18 Investigating Fungal Diversity and Symbiotic Relationships Lab Topic 19 From Basal to Bilateral Animals Lab Topic 20 Protostomia: Lophotrochozoa Lab Topic 21 Protostomia: Ecdysozoa Lab Topic 22 Deuterostomes and the Origins of Vertebrates Lab Topic 23 Investigating Plant Cells and Tissues Lab Topic 24 Vascular Plant Functional Anatomy Lab Topic 25 Flowering Plant Reproduction, Development, and Dispersal Lab Topic 26 Research Project: Chemical Signals in Plant Development Lab Topic 27 Investigating Digestive, Renal, and Reproductive Systems Lab Topic 28 Investigating Circulatory Systems Lab Topic 29 Investigating Animal Gas Exchange Systems Lab Topic 30 Investigating Muscle and Skeletal Systems Lab Topic 31 Investigating Nervous and Sensory Systems Lab Topic 32 Estimating Population Size, Growth and Dispersion

Appendix A Significant Figures and Rounding

Appendix B Making Graphs

Appendix C Simple Statistics

Appendix D Writing Reports and Scientific Papers

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