Bioseparations Science and Engineering

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Bioseparations Science and Engineering 9780195123401

ISBN : 9780195123401
Publisher : Oxford University Press Inc
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview Bioseparations Science and Engineering is a comprehensive and authoritative chemical engineering textbook on the science and engineering of bioseparations - the separation and purification of compounds of biological origin. It is designed for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students and can also be used by industry practitioners. It begins with the basic biochemical information needed to understand the concepts and terminology used throughout the book, followed by a comprehensive treatment of methods used to analyze bioproducts. The main chapters of the text (3-10) use a unique and effective approach to cover the most important bioseparations unit operations: each chapter begins with a qualitative description indicating the importance and general application of the operation, describes the scientific foundation of the operation, develops the necessary mathematical theory, and finally describes the applications of the theory in engineering practice with an emphasis on design and scaleup. Following the unit operations chapters is a comprehensive treatment of bioseparations process design (Chapter 11) that focuses on how to integrate the individual unit operations in developing a process design that is the "best" among several plausible alternatives. This chapter uses a process simulator (SuperPro Designer) to illustrate how to analyze and evaluate the production of three biological products - citric acid, recombinant human insulin, and monoclonal antibodies. Features * Numerous supporting example problems-many of them open-ended-show how to apply previously presented theory * Each chapter begins with instructional objectives and ends with a summary of the most important points from the chapter * Includes five laboratory exercises (Chapter 12) that can be used in a bioseparations course or a separate laboratory course * Accompanied by a solutions manual and a website: with links to bioprocess simulation software, useful databases, manufacturers of bioseparations equipment and supplies, and periodically-updated problems and examples

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