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Studying abroad can be both extremely exciting and extremely difficult. The first step after you have decided to go on an exchange is deciding where you will go. If you have always wanted to go, or if you are someone who has travelled a lot, then you will probably already know where you are going to study. ...  Read More
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Top tips before starting university

2 Apr 2017 10:03:04 pm

The beginning of university study represents the start of a new period in the lives of many people. It can be exciting, different, and a time for fun and friends. However, it can also be tough. Students usually have low budgets, are often living away from home for the first time, and may find themselves feeling very isolated or alone. The following tips will help you get the most out of your first year of university study. ...  Read More
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Studying abroad is becoming more and more common. It is easier to do than ever before with exchange programs in place between universities across the world. However, it can also be stressful and difficult to find decent information about what to expect when studying overseas. Some of the things you need to know include: ...  Read More
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How To Cope With Exam Stress

24 Mar 2017 9:03:04 am

University may seem like a walk in the park filled with parties, beer, and friends. However, it won’t always be like that - especially if you want to do well in your course.

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No one ever wants to, but there comes a time in a student’s life when he or she has left an assignment to the very last minute, whether for genuine reasons (0.01% of the time) or out of sheer laziness (the other 99.99% of the time). Some would consider it a rite of passage, that you are unable to consider yourself a true university student until you have written at least one several thousand-word essay in less than 24 hours. ...  Read More
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