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    Best Matching Products for accounting
    Best Matching Products for accounting
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    Macintosh, Norman

    ... different ways of looking at accounting and accountants, he draws upon the ... interest in the future of accounting.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781138145801

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    Lee, T. A.; Parker, Robert H.

    ... the oldest form of monetary accounting, preceding the now conventional accrual ... and allocation-based accounting. Largely ignored in accounting literature since the ...

    ISBN : 9781138985834

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    Edey, Harold C.

    ... book shows the relevance of accounting methods to the economic and ... : demonstrating the relationship between budgets, accounts and the various business activities ...

    ISBN : 9781138965218

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    Fleay D

    1. Partnerships 2. Incomplete or single-entry systems 3. Not-for-profit organisations 4. Primary producers 5. Statement of cash flows 6. Standard financial analysis techniques 7. Inventories IndexBuy New

    ISBN : 9780170165785

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    Duska, Ronald F.

    ... ethical questions that define the accounting professionAn accountant's practice depends on making ... the best results, individual accountants and accounting firms need a clear understanding ...

    ISBN : 9781119118787

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    ... process 11 Key management accounting guidelines 14 Management accountants in organisations 15 ... indirect costs and end-of-accounting-year adjustments 178 Process costing 181 ...

    ISBN : 9781488609619

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    S. Duncan

    Accounting for Non-accountants provides a competency-based approach to the National Accounting Module ... , Accounting for Non-accountants. This text enables ...

    ISBN : 9780170092296

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    Sargiacomo, Massimo; D'Amico, Luciano; Di Pietra, Roberto

    ... from the critical angles of accounting, accountants and merchants. Relatedly, the interconnected ... Food examines the role of accounting, accountants and merchants in food production ...

    ISBN : 9781138652453

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    Weygandt, Jerry J.

    ... -to-date knowledge of accounting standards, accounting research, technical accounting matters and business ... awarded the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia Award for Teaching ...

    ISBN : 9780730302292

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    Lin, Z. Jun; Yang, David C.; Wang, Liyan

    ... , qualifications and responsibility of Chinese accountants, accounting regulations or standards setting, cost ... taxation systems, EDP application in accounting, accounting education and research etc. Some ...

    ISBN : 9781138613171

    20% Off

    ... its third edition, TAFE Accounting: Financial Accounting Applications has established itself as ... approach to the study of accounting. It has been updated to ...

    ISBN : 9780170165808