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    Best Matching Products for accounting practice books
    Best Matching Products for accounting practice books
    Edition #1

    Association of Accounting Technicians, AAT; Willis, David

    Course Codes : FNS40215

    ... and Practice is print only. Accounting and Bookkeeping Principles and Practice is written ... elective units FNSACC302A Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers, and FNSACC404A Maintain ...

    ISBN : 9780071013932

    Edition #3


    Accounting Information Systems 3E + Wonderous Wildflowers Computerised Accounting Practice Set (MYOB V18)Buy New

    ISBN : 9780730300441

    Macintosh, Norman

    ... different ways of looking at accounting and accountants, he draws upon the ... contemporary poststructuralist ideas into accounting theory and practice. With a wide range ...

    ISBN : 9781138145801

    Edition #1

    Gaffikin, Michael

    ... while linking this to current accounting practice and the impact this has ... real, everyday problems faced by accountants. Written by one author instead ...

    ISBN : 9781741030709

    Clarke, Frank; Dean, Graeme William; Persson, Martin E

    ... Law of Company Accounts (republished in 1980 as Accounting in Disarray) and ... proposed to accepted accounting thought and practice to ensure accounting is the serviceable ...

    ISBN : 9781138337596

    Edition #8


    Course Codes : , 10987 , ACC100

    , EFB336, 10987 - Accounting 100, ACC100 - Accounting 100Buy New

    ISBN : 9780730320814

    Edition #8

    Glautier, Michel; Underdown, Brian; Morris, Deigan

    ... this comprehensive, theory-based guide to accounting, its application to management decision-making ... the usefulness and relevance of accounting practices. Buy New

    ISBN : 9780273693857

    Edition #3

    Howard Davey

    ... provide an introduction to the practice of accounting. After completing this text ... , ledgers and full sets of accounts. Students will be introduced to ...

    ISBN : 9780170255004

    Edition #1

    Wendy Pabst

    ... students' understanding of accounting fundamentals typically encountered in practice, and is therefore ... adjustments * the bank account reconciliation * how the accounting cycle culminates in the ...

    ISBN : 9781118245156

    Rebecca Tan

    This comprehensive financial accounting practice set aims to help students ... Veronica has employed an accountant to prepare the accounts for her first ...

    ISBN : 9781442538023