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    Augmentative Communication Strategies for Adults with Acute or Chronic Medical Conditions

    David R. Beukelman

    Course Codes : SPTH2004
    Universities : University of Newcastle

    ... intervention strategies and procedures in medical settings. A practical resource for ... who have chronic and acute medical conditions that affect their communication as ...

    ISBN : 9781557668752

    Medical Case Studies for the Paramedic

    American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

    ... studies representing a variety of medical emergencies that the paramedic may ... and symptoms with a particular medical condition and providing the appropriate treatment. ...

    ISBN : 9780763777722

    Conditions in Occupational Therapy

    Ben Atchison

    "Conditions in Occupational Therapy" focuses on ... , symptoms, prognosis, and progression of conditions frequently encountered in practice. Case ...

    ISBN : 9781609135072

    Medical Statistics at a Glance

    Aviva Petrie

    ... ) with interactive answers for self-assessment. Medical Statistics at a Glance will ... appeal to all medical students, junior doctors and researchers ...

    ISBN : 9781405180511

    Medical Language Accelerated

    Steven L Jones, MD

    ... two fields that make up medical terminology--medicine and second-language acquisition. It ... professionals to use and understand medical terminology and gives them real-world ...

    ISBN : 9781259620706

    Medical And Psychosocial Aspects Of Chronic Illness And Disability

    Donna R. Falvo

    ... counselors with little to no medical background better understand manifestations of ... , the fifth edition contains updated medical and psychosocial information and research. ...

    ISBN : 9781449694425

    Medical Errors And Medical Narcissism

    John Banja

    ... examines the concept of medical narcissism and how error disclosure ...

    ISBN : 9780763783617

    Medical Office, The

    Wilson, Amanda

    ... require a basic understanding of medical terminology and the main body ... procedures and protocols related to medical practice and health care in ...

    ISBN : 9780864581570

    Medical Genetics at a Glance

    Dorian J. Pritchard

    Course Codes : , IMED4111(PATHOLOGY)

    ... necessary for an understanding of medical genetics and its clinical applications ... rapidly progressing topics in medicine, Medical Genetics at a Glance is ...

    ISBN : 9780470656549

    Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide

    Barbara Janson Cohen, BA, MSEd

    Course Codes : ACOM108

    ... a stepwise approach to learning medical terminology. Part 1 describes how ... medical terms are built from word ...

    ISBN : 9781451187564

    Medical Language for Modern Health Care

    Allan, David; Basco, Rachel

    ... Contextual Learning approach to introduce medical terminology within a healthcare environment. ... , illustrating the real-life application of medical terminology. Buy New

    ISBN : 9781260084931

    Medical Physiology: A Cellular and Molecular Approach

    Walter F. Boron

    '"Medical Physiology"'s trump card has ... in conceptualising complex pathways' - ("Medical Student Review"). The updated 2nd ...

    ISBN : 9781416031154