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    Black (T)

    Australasian Business Statistics, 3rd edition approaches Business Statistics in a way that engages ... ideal text for a one-semester business statistics course. This integrated resource will ...

    ISBN : 9781118389263

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    Ken Black

    ... analysis. The second edition of Australasian Business Statistics prepares students to make informed ... statistics through the many interesting examples from the local region, Real business ...

    ISBN : 9780470819470

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    Black, Ken; Black, Ken

    This print pack contains Australasian Business Statistics 4th Edition + Essential Mathematics For Economics And Business 4th Edition.Buy New

    ISBN : 9780730336310

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    Davis, Glyn; Davis, Glyn; Pecar, Branko; Pecar, Branko

    ... when applying Excel skills to business statistics. The text is designed for ... a typical one semester business statistics course and each chapter is ...

    ISBN : 9780199659517

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    Eliyathamby A. Selvanathan

    BUSINESS STATISTICS, 5e, emphasises applications over theory. ... from throughout the business world. Many students struggle with statistics. This bestselling ...

    ISBN : 9780170184816