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    Hong Chui Wing

    ... are available to social workers today. Social Work and Human Services Best Practice is ... rural and remote communities, Indigenous Australians, and migrants and refugees. Comprehensive ...

    ISBN : 9781862875999

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    Wodarski, John S.

    The Social Work and Human Services Treatment Planner provides all the ...

    ISBN : 9780471377412

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    Wodarski, John S.; Wodarski, John S.

    ... and third-party payors The Social Work and Human Services Treatment Planner provides all ...

    ISBN : 9781119073239

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    Jordan, Bill

    ... watchdog state. He grieves that social work has lost its soul ... Jordan for putting politics and social work together.'Bob Holman, Voluntary neighborhood ...

    ISBN : 9780761967217

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    Rønning, Rolf; Knutagard, Marcus

    ... services at different levels, looking at the macro level (innovations in social policy ... insider knowledge. Innovation in Social Welfare and Human Services is an important read ...

    ISBN : 9780415731263

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    Bigby, Christine; Grant, Gordon

    ... ten years' research experience and social work practice expertise, this pioneering ... an integrated framework of service development and policy directions for the implementation ...

    ISBN : 9781843100775

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    Alasuutari, Pertti

    ... international examples and scenarios, Social Theory and Human Reality examines key sociological ... across the social sciences, and of the kaleidoscope of 'human reality'.This important ...

    ISBN : 9780761951650

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    Reichert, Elisabeth

    ... and Human Rights is a standard text underscoring the role of social ... U.S. to address social welfare issues and to rectify policies that favor ...

    ISBN : 9780231149938

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    Drakeford, Mark

    Social Policy and Privatisation addresses one of ... the development and implementation of social policy. As the text demonstrates, there ...

    ISBN : 9781138467286

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    Ramesh, M.

    Social Policy in East and South East ... author.Locating the importance of Asian social policies in the wake of the ...

    ISBN : 9780415654258

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    Kettner, Peter, M.

    ... and administrative practice. Excellence in Human Service Organization Management, 2/e provides guidelines ... text is adapted to human service organizations generally and social work issues specifically. ...

    ISBN : 9780205088157

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    Dean, Hartley

    Welfare Rights and Social Policy provides an introduction to social policy through a discussion of ... time when the cause of human rights is high on the ...

    ISBN : 9781138154049