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    Margareta Nordin

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    ISBN : 9780812112276

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    Basic Finite Element Method as Applied to Injury Biomechanics provides a unique introduction ... element method to study injury biomechanics. Covers the fundamentals and applications ...

    ISBN : 9780128098318

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    ... encompasses the basics of spine biomechanics, spinal tissues, spinal disorders and ... who are involved in spine biomechanics, and spinal surgeons who are ...

    ISBN : 9780128128510

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    ... of the core concepts of biomechanics using problem-based learning strategies. The ... real-life applications in the field. Biomechanics: A Case-Based Approach, offers a ...

    ISBN : 9781449697921

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    Arus, Ph.D., Emeric

    ... As Professor Arus details throughout Biomechanics of Human Motion, Second Edition ... points are also explained in Biomechanics of Human Motion, Second Edition. ...

    ISBN : 9781138555532

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    Biomechanics and Motor Control: Defining Central ... the rapidly evolving fields of biomechanics of human motion and motor ...

    ISBN : 9780128003848

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    Biomechanics of Living Organs: Hyperelastic Constitutive ... students in tissue and continuum biomechanics. Covers hyper elastic frameworks for ...

    ISBN : 9780128040096

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    Widerquist, Karl

    ... the most influential literature on Basic Income Includes unpublished and hard-to-find ... age Explores multidisciplinary views of Basic Income, with philosophical, economic, political ...

    ISBN : 9781405158107

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    Hartwig, Robert L

    ... a production. Armed with some basic technical background information, you'll be ... problem-solving. The fourth edition of Basic TV Technology has been updated ...

    ISBN : 9781138426061

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    Zegarelli, Mark; Zegarelli, Mark

    ... (9781119293637) was previously published as Basic Math & Pre-Algebra For Dummies ... product. Tips for simplifying tricky basic math and pre-algebra operations Whether ...

    ISBN : 9781119293637

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    ... demonstrates the techniques involved in basic clinical laboratory procedures, as well ... working professionals alike will find BASIC CLINICAL LABORATORY TECHNIQUES an easy-to-understand ...

    ISBN : 9781111138363

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    Susan Hall

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    ISBN : 9781307344455