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    Best Matching Products for best books on accounting
    Best Matching Products for best books on accounting

    Macintosh, Norman

    ... a crisis in the accounting industry: the accounting representations relied upon for ... different ways of looking at accounting and accountants, he draws upon the ...

    ISBN : 9781138145801

    Edition #3

    Horngren, Charles, T.

    ... pack contains 1 copy of Accounting BSB110 and 1 printed access ... card to MyLab Accounting + eText. Accounting BSB110 is a custom ...

    ISBN : 9781488609817

    Edition #15

    Horngren, Charles T.

    ... purposes,” and reaches beyond cost accounting procedures to consider concepts, analyses ... chapters and more MyLab Accounting coverage! MyLab Accounting is web-based tutorial and ...

    ISBN : 9781488607929

    Edition #1

    Jones, Michael J.; Jones, Michael J.

    ... explore the role of accounting, particularly creative accounting and fraud, in business ... background and context of creative accounting and fraud is explored. Part ...

    ISBN : 9780470057650

    Edition #2

    Atrill & Horngren

    Custom Publication for University of Sydney - BUSS1030Buy New,Rent

    ISBN : 9781486041107

    Edition #3


    Accounts Receivable is a combined textbook/workbook ... popular format of the Senior Accounting series, this volume contains fully ...

    ISBN : 9780170229838

    Edition #6

    Bhimani, Alnoor; Horngren, Charles T., T.; Datar, Srikant, M.; Rajan, Madhav

    ... significantly revised to reflect management accounting syllabuses across Europe. Rich in ... real-life applications, Management and Cost Accounting brings technical and theoretical concepts ...

    ISBN : 9781292063553

    Edition #1

    Mellida Frost

    ... computerised practice set using MYOB Accounting Plus Version 19. Students are ... the opportunity to gain practical accounting experience as they would be ...

    ISBN : 9780170190817

    Edition #1


    ... topics, Hansen/Mowen's CORNERSTONES OF COST ACCOUNTING provides students with a solid ...

    ISBN : 9781111121068

    Edition #8

    John Hoggett

    ... to accounting and non-accounting majors alike, illustrating accounting procedures and applying accounting information ... making. Accordingly, changes required under accounting standards and the regulatory environment ...

    ISBN : 9781118522400