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    American Journal of Nursing

    ISBN : 9781496359063

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    Clutter, Pat

    ... your search ends here! EKG for Nursing Demystified is a thorough yet ... enough for a professional, EKG for Nursing Demystified is your shortcut to ...

    ISBN : 9780071801690

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    ... satisfaction, it is imperative that nurses monitor publications and increase their ... two clearly important topics for nurses in care management, pathophysiological updates ...

    ISBN : 9780323402569

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    Denise F. Polit

    "Essentials of Nursing Research" is designed to teach ... , and evaluate research reports in nursing practice. The Seventh Edition has ...

    ISBN : 9780781781534

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    American Journal of Nursing

    ... true stories in Reflections on Nursing reveal nursing at its most demanding ... become a patient - The nurse/administrator who pushes hard for administrative ...

    ISBN : 9781496359063

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    Sines, David

    ... nurses, nurse practitioners, district nurses, community staff nurses, health visitors, school nurses, walk-in centre nurses ... and sexual health nurses. This title ...

    ISBN : 9781118396940

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    Boyd, Claire; Boyd, Claire

    This print pack contains Calculation Skills for Nurses + Medicine Management Skills for Nurses + Clinical Skills for Nurses.Buy New

    ISBN : 9781118612866