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44 search results for blue mountains hotel school second hand textbooks

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    Edition #1

    Enz, Cathy A.; Enz, Cathy A.

    ISBN : 9780470083598

    Edition #1
    Best Matching Products for blue mountains hotel school second hand textbooks
    Edition #1

    Enz, Cathy A.; Enz, Cathy A.

    Course Codes : , MHC610

    ... skills., EFB336, MHC610 - Strategic Hotel ManagementBuy New

    ISBN : 9780470083598

    Edition #2

    John E. Edwards, Jr.

    Course Codes : , HTL301

    ... conditions.", EFB336, HTL301 - Managing Hotel and Resort FacilitiesBuy New

    ISBN : 9781609278120

    Edition #1

    Hans Westerbeek

    Course Codes : , EVE301

    Whether it's an Olympic event or a junior athletics competition, careful organisation is required to ensure the game is enjoyed by both competitors and spectators. From corporate boxes to sprinklers, food outlets to ...

    ISBN : 9781741141948

    Edition #1

    Richard L. Daft

    Course Codes : , 7775 , HTL303 , NRMT90017

    Retaining the key strengths of Daft's well respected and successful US text, this first Asia-Pacific adaptation of The Leadership Experience will equip students with the qualities and skills required to succeed in a ...

    ISBN : 9780170134835

    Edition #1

    Hayes, David K.; Hayes, David K.; Miller, Allisha; Miller, Allisha

    Course Codes : , EVE302 , HTL302 , MHC604

    Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry is filled with practical examples and best practices on the topic of revenue management, a critical aspect of the industry. Through numerous revenue management examples ...

    ISBN : 9780470393086

    Edition #8

    Michael L Kasavana

    Course Codes : , HTL201

    , EFB336, HTL201 - Rooms Division ManagementBuy New

    ISBN : 9780866123389

    Edition #1

    Norman Godwin

    Course Codes : , BUS101 , MPAC10 , BACC001 , CLAD001

    Financial ACCT is an accessible, easy-to-read text that covers the principles of Financial Accounting. The 4LTR press approach to learning the principles of financial accounting, Financial Accounting is the Asia-Pacific ...

    ISBN : 9780170223867

    Edition #2

    Legrand, Willy ; Sloan, Philip; Chen, Joseph S.

    Course Codes : , HOS201 , MHE614 , MNG00912

    ... and trends including hotel energy solutions and green hotel design two new ... New case studies on growth hotel development markets, Asia and the ...

    ISBN : 9780415531245

    Edition #3

    Kye-Sung Chon

    Course Codes : MHC602

    ... Industry. Chapter 5: Hotel Development. Chapter 6: Hotel Management and Operations. Chapter ...

    ISBN : 9781428321489

    Edition #4

    Burns, Tom

    Course Codes : BUS103

    ... going to university straight from school, a mature student, or an ...

    ISBN : 9781473919020

    Edition #2


    Course Codes : , BUS104

    The bestselling Maths in Focus series has been extensively revised and features a refreshed design that aims to promote visual and textual clarity and accessibility. All chapters contain comprehensive fully-worked ...

    ISBN : 9780170226493

    Edition #4

    Allan Layton

    Course Codes : , BUS103

    The book aims to simplify the array of confusing economic analyses and present a straightforward and balanced approach that effectively teaches the application of basic economics principles. Only essential material is ...

    ISBN : 9780170190855