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    Edition #9

    ESSENTIALS OF BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, 9TH EDITION presents a streamlined approach to business communication that includes ... practical workbook, self-teaching grammar/mechanics handbook, and premium Web site. Especially ...

    ISBN : 9781111821227

    Edition #11

    The Business Communication Handbook, 11e is a visually appealing ... how to apply them. The Business Communication Handbook is divided into five sections ...

    ISBN : 9780170419499

    Edition #9

    ... text covers the most important business communication concepts in detail and thoroughly ... core written and oral communication skills, the ninth edition helps readers make sound ...

    ISBN : 9781285187044

    Edition #3

    Cardon, Peter

    ... students at the center of business communication through the author's unique focus ... essentials of efficient and effective business communication, thereby transforming them into leaders ...

    ISBN : 9781259694516

    Edition #1

    Hague, Paul

    ... everyday challenges they face. The Business Models Handbook brings together the most ... prepared and researched, The Business Models Handbook covers 50 of the best ...

    ISBN : 9780749481872

    Edition #4

    Business and Corporations Law 4th edition introduces students to the foundations ... , Whitford, Sangkuhl & Do, Understanding Business Law 9th editionBuy New

    ISBN : 9780409351101

    Edition #8

    BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: IN PERSON, IN PRINT, ONLINE, 8TH EDITION, offers a realistic approach to ... text covers the most important business communication concepts in detail, and thoroughly ...

    ISBN : 9781111533168

    Edition #6

    Business Communication, 6th Edition, presents basic business communication fundamentals by using practical ... proposals, business plans, special reports, visual aids, teamwork, interpersonal communication, listening ...

    ISBN : 9780324272253

    Hunter, Amie

    ... how communication functions in today's business environment. ... The textbook covers discussions around communication theory, cognitive communication, organizational communication, cultural communication ...

    ISBN : 9780195995268

    Edition #8

    Judith Dwyer

    ... the workplace. The eighth edition of The Business Communication Handbook builds on the previous ... editions to provide an understanding of communication ...

    ISBN : 9781442502666